Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My "Vanity"

Hi out there! If you're still following, I appreciate it! I know I haven't posted in FOREVER but, I just haven't felt any inspiration. I've had a little bit going on and have just been in "a mood" for awhile. I think that it has passed hopefully I'll back and start posting more regularly. I'd really like to build up my blog!

I figured today, I'd post pics of my "vanity" area. It's not a vanity in the traditional sense. It's actually a dresser on loan from the government while we live in government housing (a perk of living overseas). All that matters is that it holds all my stuff. It's positioned in front of a window on the side of the house that the sun actually hits, which I find to be important when I'm applying makeup. Here are a few pics of my stash. The top two drawers also hold my hair stuff like my hot rollers, hair dryer, curling irons, ties, sprays, well as empty MAC packages and false lashes. :) *Clicking them will enlarge them*

I actually need more thingies with drawers, but I like them all to match and I can't find the same ones here in Japan as the one I have (and love!) lol So I'll just make due with what I have 'til I get home to the good ol' USofA next year. <3

So there you have it. My "vanity" area. My stash. My addiction. My LOVE. I might have a few more posts tonight. I have a couple of hauls to put up, with swatches perhaps.

See ya soon! xoxo