Friday, August 13, 2010

One Word.

Saw this on LegsEleven's blog and decided to partake. I know it isn't beauty related at all, but I love surveys!

Where is your cell? Couch

Where is your significant other? Work

Hair colour? Black

Mother? Virginia

Father? Virginia

Fave thing? Car

Last dream? Unmemorable

Dream or goal? Children

Room you're in? Living

Hobby? Television

Fear? Dying

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Successful

Where were you last night? Home

What you're not? Healthy

One of your wishlist items? Chanel

Where you grew up? Virginia

Last thing you did? Smoke

What are you wearing? PJ's

TV? Love

Pet? Dogs

Computer? Vaio

Mood? Nauseous

Missing Someone? Yes

Car? Toyota

Something you're not wearing? Shoes

Fave Store? MAC

Summer? Hot

Love someone? Yes

Fave colour? Pink

Last time you laughed? Today

Last time you cried? Yesterday

I tag YOU!