Monday, September 20, 2010

Diet Day 1

I know this is off the topic of makeup, hair, and fashion (which is what this blog is supposed to be about - not that you'd be able to tell from my lack of posting), but I needed somewhere I could track my progress with this diet and didn't feel like making a new blog. I have decided to do a soup diet. This one is The Sacred Heart, you can read about it here. This diet was developed by Sacred Heart Hospital in Pennsylvania for overweight cardiac patients going in for surgery who needed to lose weight before being able to go under the knife. According to the different sites I've seen, this diet is said to help one lose 10-17 pounds. On average, I've seen people on message boards say they lost a good 8 pounds, and someone who was crazy enough to do this diet for two months lost 25 lbs. It has become very popular among people who would like to drop a few pounds quickly, or even just jumpstart a newer, healthier diet. The diet is seven days long. Through these seven days, you can eat all the soup you want. On specific days, you are to eat specific things like bananas and milk, steak, or even a baked potato with butter.

So, I'm on my first day - and honestly, the soup isn't that bad! Since you can season it with whatever you want, I put in hella salt, hella pepper, season salt, worcestershire sauce, red pepper flakes, red cayenne pepper, beef boullion, bay leaf, and parsley. (The pepper flakes and red cayenne will help to boost your metabolism). It tastes like vegetable beef soup...minus the beef. What it could really use is a damn cracker, or piece of a baguette - but alas, no carbs today. You are allowed to drink as much water, unsweetened fruit juice, black coffee, and herbal tea as you want. You're also allowed as much fruit as you want on most of the days. Today my fruit of choice is grapes. I see a trip to the store soon as I have already eaten most of them. lol

Day one - not so bad. But then again, I've only eaten the soup twice today. I'm sure by day three I'll be ready to bust out and do away with the soup. My downfall is: I HATE LEFTOVERS. I hate eating anything that's been in the fridge for more than a few hours. The recipe given makes enough soup for more than a few days. So I feel like my biggest challenge isn't eating soup all week - but eating LEFTOVER soup all week. I weighed myself this morning and hopefully by the end of my seven days, I can say that I did SOMETHING right! lol

xoxo, Allison